Quantaflex ELTM  Design Guide

Electrical Characteristics

InvertersSurface Mount Clip Inverter Demo Circuit

MKS can provide a wide variety of DC/AC inverters. The choice of the correct inverter is critical to the success of every EL project.

From tiny chip inverters suitable for use in watches and small handheld devices to large transformer based inverters suitable to drive hundreds of square inches of lit area.

MKS P/N S-677

We have the right inverter for your application!

Chip Inverters
PC Mount Inverters
Wire Mount Inverters
DC Input
1.5 - 24 VDC


'N' Package

The wide range of possible input voltages, output voltages, output frequencies, lamp sizes, inverter package sizes, mounting styles and options, results in many applications requiring a custom designed inverter.

MKS does maintain inventory of some inverters. Lead time for custom designed inverters can range from 2 - 7 weeks.

Please contact one of our representatives to see how we can help you select the right inverter.