Quantaflex ELTM  Design Guide

Electrical Characteristics

Power Consumption

0.01 - 0.06 Watt/in2 (typical range for most applications)

Total Power Consumption is primarily dependant upon:



Some of the total power consumed in the operation of an EL Lamp is used by the DC/AC Inverter. The balance is used by the Electroluminescent Lamp.

Because of the efficiency of electroluminescence, most of the power used by the lamp is converted to light. If properly designed and driven, only a negligible portion of the power used in the EL Lamp is converted to heat (infra-red). A well designed lamp, properly matched to an inverter, will remain cool to the touch.

Because of the wide variety of lamp and inverter configurations, accurate total power consumption can only be calculated using the actual components used in the application.

Different EL colors have different efficiencies. Different types of inverters also have different efficiencies.

The graph at right is meant as a general guide only. Please contact one of our representatives if you need additional assitance.

Total DC Power Consumption Vs Brightness