Quantaflex ELTM  Design Guide

General Information

Electroluminescence is a solid state phenomenon in which semiconductor crystals, known as phosphors, convert electrical energy directly into light energy.

 The EL Lamp

Standard PhosphorQUANTAFLEX TM 1600 electroluminescent lamps provide our customers with an unmatched combination of quality, long life, environmental stability and economy.

Electroluminescence is the most efficient method known for converting electrical energy into light energy.

The high efficiency of this conversion minimizes power consumption and losses due to heat or IR emissions. Electroluminescent (EL) devices consequently consume relatively little power, and remain within two degrees of ambient temperature under normal operation.

Electrically, an electroluminescent lamp is a “Lossy Capacitor”. Electroluminescent phosphors embedded in the dielectric medium of a capacitor will emit photons when an AC power source is applied.

An electroluminescent lamp is a very specialized capacitor in which one of the conductive plates of the capacitor is comprised of a transparent or translucent conductor, allowing the photons to escape.

The QUANTAFLEX TM Electroluminescent Lamp is thin, flexible, durable and can withstand the environmental strains that cause many other types of EL Lamps to fail.

QUANTAFLEX 1600 TM is not dependent upon the package integrity of Microencapsulated Phosphorexpensive Aclar encapsulation systems that many other products rely upon. Instead, we make use of a new Microencapsulation technology. Each individual phosphor particle is encapsulated with a thin layer of a glassy material. This encapsulation layer provides an efficient moisture vapor barrier, effectively protecting the moisture sensitive phosphor.

QUANTAFLEX 1600 TM also utilizes our unique polymer binder system, which imparts durability and flexibility to the product. We have eliminated the use of extremely hygroscopic materials commonly used as binders in "foil" lamps.

By eliminating the dependence upon packaging, we also have eliminated much of the intensive manual labor in production, resulting in significant economies. QUANTAFLEX 1600 TM lamps are manufactured via a screen printing process, allowing multiple lamps to be manufactured simultaneously.

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