Quantaflex ELTM  Design Guide

Physical Characteristics


0.0115” +/- 0.001” for Heat Sealed Lamps
0.3 mm +/- 0.03 mm)

0.0085” +/- 0.001” for Printed Insulator Lamps
(0.22 mm +/- 0.03 mm

The extremely thin profile of QUANTAFLEX EL TM Lamps makes them ideal for a wide variety Thicknessof applications. When used in membrane switches, tactile feel and actuation pressure are relatively unhindered, allowing the lamp to be placed in front of the membrane switch, directly behind the graphics. This gives you, as a design engineer, the freedom to put light where you need it, without the need for extensive redesign of your other components.

Keyboard EL Lamp with Flexibility

In lit nameplates, decals and appliqués, the QUANTAFLEX EL TM lamp allows you to light your graphics, without significant increase in the package size of your component. The even light output over the surface of the lamp eliminates the need for expensive light piping, or increased packaging size to diffuse the light of "point light sources" such as incandescent or LED's.

QUANTAFLEX EL TM Lamps are ideal for backlighting transflective L.C.D. displays, when it is necessary to view these displays in low ambient lighting conditions.